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Freeing the Gang: A Rough Motorcycle Club erotic adventure (The Cardinal Gang, #3)

41 pages35 minutes


For Cassie, the newest member of the Cardinal motorcycle gang, her fellow riders are as close as family. So when a bar brawl turns into a full-on fight, Cassie is horrified - what if something goes horribly wrong? That fear manifests in the form of the police, barging in and placing everyone under arrest! Cassie manages to slip away. But in order to get her adopted family out of prison, she’s going to have to go through Sheriff Longhorn - and he’s not giving up his prisoners without a fight.

When Cassie enters the sheriff’s office, her pleading doesn’t get her anywhere. She does, however, catch the sheriff ogling her figure. Cassie strikes a deal: the sheriff can do whatever he wants with her body, as long as he lets the bikers go.

Sheriff Longhorn agrees. But this small-town sheriff has some rough ideas about sex, and he intends to have his way with Cassie, no matter how much she cries out or protests…

Warning! This motorcycle gang story is filled with scenes of strong-handed rough sex, and is only suitable for adult readers who believe that they can handle the heat!

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