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The Naked Foot Rub - Foot Fetish #2

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I’m starting to suspect that my boyfriend has a fetish…

I wanted him to come shopping with me. Always an uphill battle. But the moment I mentioned the possibility of a foot rub as a reward, he did an about-face and was enthusiastic! He even wanted me to try on shoes for him.

Well, when we got home, I began rubbing his feet, as promised. He even gave me one in return. And it was nice, lying there on the couch, feeling his hands on my feet as I massaged his soles and stroked his toes. But then, I realized that there was something warm being pressed between my feet, being stroked by my toes. Something that seemed to be growing stiff and hard…

Warning! This pedestrian tale contains scenes of foot worship, foot devotion, and of course, plenty of steamy sex, and is intended for serious devotionists only!

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