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Stolen: Eternity's Embrace Series, Book 2

28 pages23 minutes


A Romanian forest, a chivalrous prince, and a grimoire.

When Constantin tells Isabela about her past, she discovers that her whole life was a lie. He recounts a story of how they met that sounds like a medieval fairytale. His presence feels so familiar to her, and her body responds to him like a long lost lover. But will she be able to trust him enough to accept his word?

This 6,300+ word erotic romance short story is the second book of a three part series, containing explicit content intended for mature audiences only.


Questions kept bubbling up in her mind, and she sighed, knowing she had to go back inside and get the answers she needed.

The door slid open behind her, and she could sense his presence standing behind her.

“It’s so beautiful out here,” she said, looking back at the snowflakes falling in her palm.

“Are you ready to talk?”

“I think so.”

Isabela turned and followed him back inside, brushing the snow out of her hair. She tossed her coat across the chair, and slipped off her boots. Constantin took her hand and led her to his study, where he had lit a roaring fire to keep her warm. He sat her down in a plush armchair, as he sat opposite, preparing his speech.

She sat quietly, watching the emotions cross his face as he considered where to start. Looking down at her hands, she realized she was fidgeting with the hem of the robe. She glanced back into his eyes when he cleared his throat.

“Forgive me, Isabela, if this gets confusing. I’ve gone through this routine enough times that I should know how to explain it to you, but each time I’m facing you again, I struggle to remember how to do this.”

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