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Banging My Crush for Christmas (Christmas, College, Party erotica)

22 pages16 minutes


”My perfect college crush, Gina, was lying on top of the bed! She had changed into a very revealing Santa costume, and nothing else – a tiny red-and-white miniskirt was hiked up around her waist, and her legs were spread open..."

When Alex is invited to the Christmas party of his college crush, Gina, he thinks that he's on top of the world. Even though he knows that she has a boyfriend, Richard, he is still hopeful that maybe, against all odds, he'll find a chance to talk with her and tell her how he feels.

While relieving some pressure in the bathroom, however, he suddenly hears some moaning coming from the room next door. When he goes to investigate, he finds himself in Gina's bedroom – and she is there, blindfolded and dressed in a skimpy Santa outfit on her bed, begging for a cock to fill her needy holes!

Alex decides to take a chance, slipping in to the room. But will he be able to get away with banging his blindfolded crush without giving away his identity? Will he be able to blow his load in Gina successfully?

Warning: This story contains steamy and graphic sex scenes, and is intended for mature audiences only!

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