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Sexing Up the Superhero! (Superhero Sex, Comic Book Erotica, Public Sex)

30 pages24 minutes


For Aiden Amherst, every day is horrible. Sure, superheroes patrol his world, including the ravishingly beautiful Ultra Girl, but they’re (literally!) sky-high above his reach as a normal, non-superpowered schlub.

But when Ultra Girl slams into him in the midst of a battle, Aiden is astonished to find himself completely uninjured! As he helps the buxom beauty to her feet, he feels a deep stirring - both in the heart of his muscles, and inside his jeans, between his legs…

As Aiden struggles to master his newly discovered powers and to keep onto his ravishing female companion’s attraction, he finds himself in a totally new world. But will this newest superhero bring down the baddies and bed the babe?

Warning! This sexy tale contains explicit content of busty, beautiful superheroes stripping off each other’s spandex, and is intended for adult audiences alone!

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