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Soccer LUV! - A Sports-Themed Gay Anal erotic tale

30 pages24 minutes


John enjoys playing in his amateur soccer league after work days, but there’s always one thorn in his side - Rudy, the second-best player, seems to have it out for him! But when John confronts Rudy in the parking lot after practice one evening, demanding to know why he’s being targeted, Rudy says the one thing that John wasn’t expecting: Rudy’s gay, and he’s had a crush on John since the first day of the league!

Rudy has an interesting proposal following his reveal, however: if John can spend one single night with him, engaged in the most carnal of relations, and doesn’t enjoy it - Rudy will walk away from the league, never to bother John again. It’s a tempting proposal. One single night of servitude? John decides to accept...

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