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Spinward Assassin

115 pages58 minutes


Remir Vorn is an enigma to most people, a ghost to others, an assassin to those of Spinward Station where he was born. He travels the galaxy in a high-tech starship, punishing the men and women who think themselves beyond or outside of the law. Yet when he meets Captain Diana Walker, a transhuman police officer, whilst hunting down a pair of ruthless dirty cops, the rules of the game are changed and Remir must travel to a deep frozen prison to rescue her brother. His reason for doing so? One of the most wanted men in the galaxy is incarcerated there.

Spinward Assassin is a tale of one man’s pursuit of justice at any price, packed with action, adventure and intrigue in a science fiction universe laced with cyberpunk, bioware, nanoware and high tech gadgets. From the seedy alleys of Athena Station to the high towers of the Corporate Zone, the man of a thousand faces unravels a secret that will alter everything.

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