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“Hello, Mother.”

It was the last thing the notorious rebel Jemma7729 ever expected to hear, especially at her trial, in the middle of a courtroom brawl against the oppressive government. But there she was: her mirror image, the illegal clone J2. Younger, totally inexperienced but smart, ready to follow in Jemma’s footsteps—wherever they would lead.

The Administrative Government of North America thought they could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Jemma was arrested. The “Trial of the Century” would see her swinging from a gallows. They didn’t expect her clone to show up!

But she did. A younger, brilliant, lab rat. No one, not even the shadow government rebels, the Movers, could guess what J2 would do, could do. Now the Fedguards were back on alert, hunting the clone, determined to kill her and wipe her memory from the face of the planet.

J2 had other ideas that would send her, and anyone she touched, on a dizzying high-speed adventure of loyalty, love, revenge, and danger.

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