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The Lady of Seeking in The City of Waiting: Shadeside

110 pages1 hour


From the moment Jane entered the city, she found herself a pawn in a dangerous game between rivals unknown to her. With no real memory of who she is or where she came from, Jane embarks on a quest to uncover her past as well as discover who it is she promised to meet. Fraught with danger, her journey draws her the protection of the guardsman Derax, the cousel of the great Lady Ellowyn, and the most surprising of all, warning of plots and betwrayal by the most powerful oracle in the city. Along this journey to discover herself, Jane encounters a city peopled by the strange, the wonderful, the terrible...and so much more. By quest's end, she must begin to wonder if Shadeside itself has a stake in her success - as if there could be any doubt...

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