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Flesh and Iron

361 pages5 hours


Vampires ...
Supernatural detectives ...
People in chains ...
What more can you ask for?

Four stories where the tooth hits the bone. That’s what.

Hard-boiled law enforcement squares off against hard-fanged blood suckers. When their very breath could be their last, the only things that matter are the heat of their flesh and mettle of their iron.

A Taste of Blood Immortal - Diane Raetz & Patrick Thomas
FBI Agent Andrew Pickford's weekend vacation is cut short by a serious case of serial killer. With the luck of the Fey, he might just make it through this one.

Two Great Pleasures - C. J. Henderson
Mysterious and solitary, psychometrist Lai Wan challenges a magic-wielding psychopath to a desperate game of chance in a race to save millions of lives.

Death & Redemption - John L. French
Police Detective Bianca Jones follows a murder through the winding trail that could lead to death or redemption.

Death Rides an Iron Horse - John Sunseri
The rusting hulk of an ancient iron horse sets the stage for one man's unusual awakening. 

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