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Passion in Pamplona: Libros de Amor, #4

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Free at last…
When financial wizard, Alex de Montoro, divorce is final, he wants nothing more to enjoy his freedom. He’s had more than his quota of cheating women and so-called love. Moving to a beach front home in Florida sounds like the perfect way to start a new life.

Captured by love…
Olivia Harris may be a longtime friend of Alex’s family, but she wants much, much more. Over the years her love for Alex has grown, but after his horrible marriage, he doesn’t believe in love anymore.  His offer: Friends with benefits.

Determined to show Alex friends can fall in love, she take him to his native Spain for his birthday, for the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona and an exotic vacation.  But as their passion grows to unspeakable heights, what will Olivia do when Alex refuses to fall in love ?

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