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Bored In Barcelona: Libros de Amor, #1

191 pages2 hours


Cynthia Wynne spent years saving for her dream vacation to Barcelona. Unfortunately, her dream turns to disenchantment when her trip is less than she’d hoped. On a whim, she writes a email to her favorite monthly magazine, telling them she’s bored in Barcelona.   When the owner of the magazine shows the email to Rafael de Córdoba, world-famous writer of serious fiction, he becomes incensed at Cynthia’s scathing review of his beloved hometown.

When Cynthia and Rafael meet, sparks fly when he realizes that she is the woman who wrote disparagingly of Barcelona. But even opposite opinions can’t douse the desire that flares between them—until they realize there is much more they don’t know about each other. Things that test their fragile new relationship and threaten their new found love.

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