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Xmas with Xavier: Libros de Amor, #3

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Clothing designer Heather Fairchild just wants a nice quiet Christmas – hot chocolate and a good book, while watching the heavy snow fall. The last thing she imagined was having a sexier-than-sin man crash his car in her front yard.  But she can’t leave him outside to freeze. It is Christmas after all…

Xavier de Mazzarón is grateful to his rescuer. His Lamborghini might be wrecked but having Heather play nurse is worth it. She’s just the holiday distraction he needs, no strings attached. He doesn’t trust any woman to be faithful and he won’t risk a broken heart.

But as passion flames between Heather and Xavier he’s tempted to throw his rules out the window and asks her to return to his home for the rest of the winter. Unfortunately his mother has other ideas for him…and will stop at nothing  to see her son obey.

When danger threatens Heather’s life, will Xavier be able to rescue her ?

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