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Jennifer Says

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For Jennifer, the best part of college were the hot guys: the ones who fell over themselves to be seen with her, all the guys who thought they had a chance to fuck her. A lot of them did have a chance, but she’d never let them know. Leading them on was half the fun; making them do what she said, watching them drool all over themselves to please her, turned her on, made her hot. And the ones who were afraid of her, well, those she liked best of all.

She took a long time getting ready for the house party she was going to. She finally settled on a short plaid skirt, a black t-shirt that hugged her body, over a sheer black bra that barely contained her tits. She hadn’t bothered with panties; they’d be off of her in a heartbeat anyway and she was tired of leaving them behind at frat houses.

The minute she walked into the party that night, three guys were right there, asking if she wanted a beer. She looked them over and decided they were three guys she could have a good time with. Ben and Tate she

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