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Dysfictional: Dysfunctional Fiction, #1

144 pages2 hours


A collection of twisted tales by Mandy White.

A Sim-Ple Life - A woman fears she is losing her mind when her surroundings keep changing without explanation.
Ruby in the Mist - A psychic investigating the disappearance of a little girl uncovers a shocking tale.
Heart-Shaped Box - A brokenhearted woman will stop at nothing to recapture the heart of the man who left her at the altar.
A Feast Not So Fancy - A loner who lives with seven cats finds himself immobile and at the mercy of hungry felines.
The Immigrant - An alien scientist with extremely poor personal hygeine comes to Earth to genetically engineer a new food source.

Enjoy these warped tales and more in this complete collection of short stories by Mandy White.

Dysfictional features a few previously published titles along with some brand-new, never before seen ones. Also included is a preview of Mandy White's gore-filled novel, The Feeder.

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