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Dust in Your Eyes: An Erotic Poni Tale (Poniworld Chronicles #4): Poniworld Chronicles, #4

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  My little dominatrix . . .
  Dust can be such a bitch sometimes. Well, not just sometimes. All the time, but she wants to change. She has to if she ever wants to get back together with Machoponi. But other ponies and the Princess really try her patience sometimes. For one thing, the Dark Princess has decided to go preppy! Seriously, with the sweater tied around her neck and everything. She should be punished. For another thing, Brogene is annoying, as usual.
   So of course, the Princess sends her on a quest for caulk. But the quest turns into a sexual journey when the Sexual Awakening occurs, in which the repressed sexuality of all the creatures of Poniworld gets unrepressed.
   Dust starts exploring things, things like pleasure, pain, and punishment. Lots of punishment. But she has her pink Thong of Protection to protect her. (Though at one point she has to have it talked off her.) And she also learns to wield a magical riding crop she gets from a female Nazi she meets. She also meets Strawberry Spit-take, a girl with a spit-take fetish, a rhino in a tutu named Tipsy Gorer who wants to ban cock rock, Ms. Cap-Man, black-and-blueberries and Gardens of Pain!
  Poniworld is going through changes, and Dust is going through sexual exploration.
   This book is not for children, but it is not X-rated. More like PG-13. This ain’t your grandma’s erotic book about ponies!

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