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Just Being a Good Neighbor

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It was damn hot, but the yard needed mowing regardless. The grass didn’t care that I was sweating before I even had the lawnmower out of the garage.
I did the sunny side of the house first, getting that out of the way. The shady side was the back and it faced our neighbor’s patio. As I came around the back of the house with the mower, I noticed a woman on the patio, sitting on the chaise. I waved, hoping I wasn’t going to bother her with the noise.
She turned back to her book, apparently not bothered by me and the growl of the machine. I made one pass and then decided I was hot. I stopped the machine and stripped off my t-shirt, leaving me in just my shorts and deck shoes. As I dropped the shirt on the back steps, I caught sight of the woman next door.
I thought she’d had a robe or short dress or something on when I first noticed her. But now she was in a bikini. A bright red bikini. And a very tiny red bikini. On a very hot body. Almost too hot to be wearing such a little bikini. But I really didn’t mind.
Maybe I’d never noticed her before, but she had a really great set of tits. Round and full and now, barely covered by her bikini top. With a start, I realized I was staring. And then I realized she was looking at me over the top of her book, smiling at me. I swear she shook her shoulders, setting her tits swaying gently.

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