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Sunburn: An Extreme Tale of a Twisted Serial Killer

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...In 2012, sixty-seven people in the USA died from extreme exposure to the Sun.
...40 died from Sun-poisoning; causing the shutdown of vital organs resulting in heart failure.
...22 died from extreme dehydration.
...4 died from all-day exposure to a hot sun resulting in sickening third degree burns to the whole of their body...

...HOLLY died when she was rendered paralyzed by a crazed killer, doused in cooking oil and left to roast on a quiet beach on the hottest day of the century...

Kinga Paine is one of the only remaining - pussy-to-the-wall, in your face, shocking, blood dripping writers, who is at the forefront of the revival of extreme pulp horror shorts. Silent Screams!

WARNING: This 4500 word Extreme Horror Tale is NOT for the fainthearted!!

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