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Humour, Wit and Funneeeeee Ideas - A Kind of Humour for Those with Some Grey Matter (with Caricatures Drawn by the Author’s Funneeeeee, Shaky Right Hand)

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This laughable book of humour is the handiwork of a strange clown of starting brain cells, which seem to have a funneeeeee life of their own, a funneeeeee guy who is apparently gifted with grey matter - grey hair, grey shirt, grey pants, grey socks and possibly grey underpants (unable to see the colour of his underpants), claiming grey to be his lucky colour. This fellow had also tried to be what he is not, i.e., acted as a cartoonist, and had drawn the funneeeeee sketches for this book with his trembling right hand as though he had seen a ghost. He also became one of his own cartoon characters under his shaky penmanship.

The funneeeeee, cute author had wanted to be a comedian, an actor who makes people laugh, but was unable to realise this ambition. Now, he will "act' in this book and make people laugh.

This book will definitely make everyone laugh. If the humour is good everyone will laugh at the humour. If the humour is bad everyone will laugh at the author, who we understand will blush. In any case, everyone will laugh.

Reading this funneeeeee book should be the easiest and most fun way to strengthen and expand the grey matter.

This book attempts to make fun of everything. Even the author himself is not spared.

This book ambitiously aims at presenting serious ideas on many aspects of life, e.g., philosophy, politics, and science, etc., to readers in a non-serious, yet stimulating, style. It also aims at creating fun and bringing sunshine into the dull, humdrum lives of readers. It should relax our dear readers, improve our dear readers' moods and help sharpen our dear readers' minds, fortifying their mental fitness for meeting whatever challenges that lie ahead of them in the process.

Importantly, as the title of this book implies, those who possess a copy of this book prove that they have grey matter - this is no joke. Furthermore, as the book is greyish, possessing a copy of this book is possessing grey matter. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Those who do not possess the book do not possess this grey matter. Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee! Prove you have grey matter! Get this grey book! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Expect to be much tickled by a bright spark called Brady Foo aka Bloody Fool in Chapter 8!

The book has been given several rounds of publicity by the press.


Joe Kerr, the alter ego of the serious Bertrand Wong, is the frivolous, hilarious author of this book of humour, and seems to be the sufferer of a serious case of split-personality requiring psycho treatment. He has published about 30 books, edited some academic publications and read tons of books, thus helping to boost the book trade. He seems to have damaged his grey cells by forcefully grappling with and solving three long unsolved mathematical problems, which probably explains why he appears "screw loose" at the top, having published all of them in international mathematics journals, thereby seemingly confirming the true greyness and bountifulness of his grey matter inside his thick, big cranium, like some of his cartoon characters in the book. In fact, his attack on these three problems had been so vicious that they "cowardly" surrendered to him. He had also published a number of important scientific papers, as well as a number of other important papers, in other journals, seemingly further confirming that his grey matter is indeed grey in colour, bountiful, and well-rounded. He has many pieces of papers, which are known by the other name, qualifications, including many pieces of toilet papers on stand-by, in case he suddenly experiences bouts of diarrhoea, the possession of the many "academic" papers seemingly more further confirming the bountifulness and greyness of his grey matter, which is so grey that it is likely to be turning black.

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