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Charles Ray Hatcher - Serial Killer Case File #3: True Crimes

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Charles Ray Hatcher: Serial Killer Case File #3
From the True Crime research library of Matthias Jackman

Charles Ray Hatcher
AKA: Richard Lee Grady / Albert Ralph Price / Chucky
Country: USA (Missouri)
Victims: Convicted of 2 – confessed to 16
Victim type: Children and Men
Years Active: 1969 – 1982

An insightful case file report into one of the world's most active active criminals. Charles Ray Hatcher was convicted of 2 murders but confessed to 16, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for 50 years, in September 1984. Hatcher was a one man crime spree whose crimes escalated from theft and forgery to pedophilia and murder. Discover all you need to know about Charles Ray Hatcher in the 3rd of the Serial Killer Case Files.

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