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RAMPAGE: Schizophrenic Mass Murder - This is Melissa's confession - 'Rampage: Schizophrenic Mass Murder', is a shocking written confession and partial transcript copy from the case involving Melissa Roberts and the killing of 42 innocents.

It is about how far a young girl will go after a lifetime of abuse.  After her mind splits in two, she decides to take her own life but her 'other self' refuses to let go easily and twists her into taking as many people with her as possible.

This includes part of the initial transcripts of the first interview with Melissa Roberts, mass murderer... and her other self.

BE WARNED: Contains scenes of mass murder and schizophrenic mayhem including elements of a school shooting.  Not for the weak of heart or the easily shocked. 

This 6000 word short story may offend people but note that this is fiction and Kinga Paine is 100% against actual violence against real people.

Kinga Paine is one of the only remaining - pussy-to-the-wall, in your face, shocking, blood dripping writers, who is at the forefront of the revival of extreme pulp horror shorts.  You have been warned.

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