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Diary of Love & War (bwwm interracial romance)

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Dean Malloy expected anything from his first deployment as a U.S. Marine Infantry soldier, but he didn’t expect to end up in the middle of a civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where lines between friend and foe don’t seem to exist. Still, stemming from a long line of Military men and women, Dean is determined to make the best out of the worst circumstances and make his family proud. And it doesn’t really matter to him that warfare leaves no time for romance…

…or does it?

Nadja Ili? has lost everything in 1992 Sarajevo as violence filled the streets. Holed up in a valley in the mountains, she waits for what she believes is certain death. After all, the wrong side is bound to find her sooner or later and whoever will stumble upon her house can’t certainly be armed with good intentions…

…or can they?

With only their journals to gather their confidences, Dean and Nadja stumble upon each other when they both need it the most. While what is now recognized as the worst European conflict of our time since World War II rages in the background, the two being a personal journey that will lead them to discover that life and love are stronger than any war.

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