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Junior Ghost Hunters - Case of the Headless Cowboy: Junior Ghost Hunters, #2

61 pages58 minutes


Book #2 of the Best Seller "Junior Ghost Hunters" series.

The Junior Ghost Hunters are back to track down their next ghost case and this one is a doozy! Read the sequel to the Amazon best seller today and find out why kids, as well as adults, are raving about this fun mystery ghost hunt book series.

Is the Headless Cowboy going to prove too difficult to catch?
Will Nate's mishap derail the whole investigation and cause them to quit?
Have the Junior Ghost Hunters taken on a job that is impossible to solve?

Follow Nate, Pete, Lanie and Gadget as they travel to a cattle farm in search of the mysterious Headless Cowboy. Be part of their wildest adventure yet!

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