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Alexander Pichushkin - Serial Killer Case File #1 (True Crimes)

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Serial Killer Case File #1 - Alexander Pichushkin, the chessboard killer.

Alexander Pichushkin

AKA: The Chessboard Killer / The Bitsa Park Maniac

Country: RUSSIA (Moscow)

Victims: Convicted of 49 – confessed to 60

Victim type: Men, children and Women

Years Active: 1992 – 2006

An insightful case file report into one of the most notorious serial killers of our time from the true crime research vault of Matthias Jackman.

Alexander Pichushkin confessed to 60 murders and at one time the whole of Moscow was under a veil of fear.

He was notorious for his trademark of murder by hammer to the head, then he would push a vodka bottle into the cranial wound. Find out more about this notorious killer inside.

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