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New Earth Revolution: SUBNET, #3

152 pages2 hours


“Hope doesn’t set a man free - it kills him.” - Thomas Cooper, New Earth


Scarlett Jacobs is about to make a decision that will change worlds – the only thing that matters is the survival of earth, even if that means destroying a legend and losing her family forever.

Ronald Felt is about to break the alliance of the greatest nations on earth but as a squadron of F35’s head towards the city of London, the entire world will question his allegiance to mankind.

FBI Agent William Tash is now an outcast on the streets until an opportunity comes his way that he just cannot refuse – a platform to incite rebellion against the government that hides the truth.

Jenna Jackson and Paul Walker find themselves on opposing sides of an alien war that is about to make the world its battleground, but who has come to help earth…

…and who has come to destroy it?

Has Scarlett Jacobs made the right decision? Will Ronald Felt survive the night? Which side has Jenna Jackson found herself on?

Discover the answers and more in this exhilarating continuation of the Subnet series....

• SUBNET #3 is a multiple character science fiction thriller that charts an alien attack on earth and the people involved from every walk of life. It is 40,000 words long (approx 160 pages) and is part of an extended series of novellas.
• SUBNET #1: Children of the Dawn - Out Now!
• SUBNET #2: Starlight Apocalypse – Out Now!
• SUBNET #4: Broken Hope - Out late Dec 2013

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