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Apocalypse Bitch

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A Short Apocalypse Horror Story

When society collapsed, it wasn't men who inherited the earth.

Jacobs is on a mission, his plan is to gain access to the one they call the apocalypse bitch, but he has to survive the city and the horrors that await him inside.  Jacobs has a plan and a proposition, one that will decide her fate once and for all, but will anything pull her away from the terrible desire to inflict suffering upon others?

*The new 6500 word story from Kinga Paine contains scenes of gore and torture so be warned.*

This is not just a simple story about the end of the world.  Zombies didn't rise up and attack, a virus did not wipe out mankind, nuclear weapons did not scorch the planet.  There was not even the promise of an alien attack or reversal of the magnetic poles, no world war, no decay, no nuclear winter.

No, the end came when humans gave up on the world and the universe around them and decided to fight amongst themselves, causing a breakdown of society.

There was a story of a young girl at the beginning, who had been attacked so brutally after trying to protect her parents that she was strung up and left for dead in a burned out church.  It is said that her injuries were so terrible that men could not bring themselves to rape her young body.  So they had strung up her beaten, bloodied and torn torso and left it for the carrion.

It is said that someone had come to her rescue after a few days and saved her life, but to keep her alive they had to change her in a way that would always remain a mystery.  They say that the girl returned when she was a woman, to the very city where she had been left for dead.  She took revenge in the most shocking of ways and forced her way to the top of the ranks within the gangs.  Fear, once again shook the city and to this day, she rules the cities and virtually the old country of America from her industrial castle.

No one dares to cross or challenge her and it is spoken that she possesses the most sickening desires towards suffering. 

The city now drips with blood and the bodies are decaying all around her stronghold.

This is the new world, this is my world.**

Kinga Paine is one of the only remaining - pussy-to-the-wall, in your face, shocking, blood dripping writers, who is at the forefront of the revival of extreme pulp horror shorts.

If you're looking for a quick read, a swift bite of blood-lust or a a brief diversion from reality then you'll know that Kinga Paine will always be there for you!

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