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Newborn Love

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Ashley Dennis is a single woman ready for Mr. Right to come along while sick of encountering Mr. Right Now. Adrian Tyler comes into her life ready to show her that he is serious about fulfilling the role of her Mr. Right. As Ashley and Adrian work toward building a future together, the past continues to come back and haunt them both making them question whether they are ready for something serious. Once it appears that they have gotten rid of their baggage once and for all, Ashley has an unexpected surprise that could prove to her that Adrian is the one or it could possibly push him away forever.

“Newborn Love” is an example of a promising interracial romance that is haunted by baggage from the past that threatens to tear two people in love apart. In the process, though, they learn to just listen and go with their feelings in order to get to their happy ending. The question is whether their happy ending will have them together in the long run.

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