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Starlight Apocalypse: SUBNET, #2

142 pages2 hours



An alien network known as Subnet has been discovered - it is a connection between worlds but some people know more about it than they are letting on.

Suspicion of Matthew Winter grows by the minute until a signal is discovered within Subnet that changes everything they thought they knew.

Earth's airspace has been shut down but Jenna Jackson has a plan to prove once and for all that the aliens do exist, even if that means risking her own life in the process.

Scarlett Jacobs is about to learn that she is not alone in the Universe - her home world is far away and the aliens are about to reveal themselves but worst of all...

Earth is about to be attacked...

Will Jenna's plan work? What has Matthew Winter discovered? What happened to Paul Walker?

Discover the answers and more in this exhilarating continuation of the Subnet series....

    SUBNET #2  is a multiple character science fiction thriller that charts the beginning of an alien  attack on earth. It is 37,000 words long (approx 150 pages) and is part of an extended series of novellas.
    SUBNET #1: Children of the Dawn- Out Now!
    SUBNET #3: New Earth Revolution - Out 15th Nov 2013

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