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Invoking the Demon

54 pages36 minutes


An Occult Horror Story

After suffering years of abuse at the hands of her husband, Isabella makes contact with an occultist named Nielsen, who she finds at an online forum for lost souls.  He agrees to help her by invoking a demon to remove her husband from the world of the living.  But when her life takes a sickening turn for the worse, Isabella is shocked to discover that it is not only the demon she should fear...

She will come to realize that there is no difference between the evil of a man and the evil of a dark one. As events unfold, Isabella will need to make a choice that will seal her own fate, for the whole of eternity.

"Invoking the Demon: An Occult Horror Story" is a 14,000 word novelette from the dark mind of Kinga Paine, it contains moments of gruesome horror, occult happenings and scenes of domestic abuse that may not be beneficial to a vulnerable mindset - you have been warned!


     Human flesh and cold steel were a match made in the cauldrons of hell, nothing could have felt worse at that moment.

     But it was the agonizing screaming that was keeping her awake, stopping her from slipping back into the darkness.  She took the knife and held it between her feet, then leaned forward to start slicing through the rope.

     Every move she took, every twitch of her flesh made her feel worse than before, but she had to move, she had to.  The tensing of her muscles as she moved, squeezed more blood from her cuts and small wounds onto the bright white floor.

     Suddenly her hands were free.  She sighed and took a deep breath, as a feeling of nausea swept over her.  The pain and the fear, were taking their toll.

If you're looking for a quick read, a swift bite of blood-lust or a a brief diversion from reality then you'll know that Kinga Paine will always be there for you.

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