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Bad Behavior (BWWM Romance)

135 pages2 hours


A Sexy BWWM Interracial Romance

Justin Reese and Rei Donovan are as different as night and day. Justin, a successful entrepreneur is all work and no fun. Thanks to his business he has no time for a personal life, and after being burned by love in the past, Justin isn't sure that that's necessarily a bad thing. Meanwhile, Rei Donovan may not be looking for love, but she's certainly open towards experimentation. Intelligent and driven, Rei hopes to one day have her own company, but isn't sure she has what it takes. When she finds herself as Justin's personal secretary, she can't help but feel a connection to the lonely eyed millionaire. Justin is prepared to deny his attraction to his newest employee until he realizes that his company is on the verge of bankruptcy. An old flame offers him a way out in the form of a marriage contract and suddenly Justin finds himself forced to choose between a dream he's worked half his life to achieve or one last chance at love. Between embezzlers, quickies in the women's bathroom, and a fiancé who gives new meaning to the term 'Bridezilla', the millionaire and the secretary may not survive their first week together. If they can pull it off, they might just be able to make their own happy ending.

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