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This book will help perfect your use of the English language. Explains common errors that people make without ever realizing, giving examples of thousands of words, with their meaning and examples of correct and incorrect use. Such as Irony:

Irony. Something is ironic when it is the opposite of what's appropriate, fitting, or expected.
Correct use: It is ironic that the center for handicapped people doesn't have a wheelchair ramp.
Correct use: It's so ironic that Alanis Morissette wrote a song titled "Ironic" with many examples, where not one is actually ironic.
Incorrect use: It's ironic that George W Bush is a right-handed man, while ex-Republican Bill Clinton is left-handed and a Democrat.
Incorrect use: It was raining on our wedding day! Isn't it not ironic?

Everything you could ever need is in this informative book, including English American differences, and how to write/speak correctly, for example: “He is far better than me” say "He is far better than than I".


Commonly Misused English Words
Common Misconceptions in English
Words With Spelling Variants
500 Easy English Errors
Common Words Easily Confused
Wrong And Right Errors
Humor in English Mistakes

Topics: Language, Grammar, Education, Informative, and Guides

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ISBN: 9781498920582
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