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Hanky Spanky

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Tina was going out of her mind! She was a chambermaid, she wasn't expecting a baby like this! Why she had let them tie her up for what they referred to as fun and games was beyond her!

"Please... don't whip me... please don't... I'll do anything..." Tina begged.

"This one doesn't seem to understand," Sam said, as she fondle the whip that was in her hands... "she thinks that if she begs, something will happen to save her, to rescue her."

"Yes," Anthony said. "But give it to her good, just the same, don't let her get out of it, make sure she really feels it."

Tina wondered, why were they treating her this way?

Find out more in this book. If you like BDSM and S&M adult literature, then this book should be right up your alley...

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