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Mixing Business with Pleasure

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Pete Stringer slouched down the alleyway, hands thrust into the pockets of his jeans. It was a cool night, not cold, but with a touch of rain in the air. He had the thin jacket zipped to his neck. He looked very much like the dozens of bums who scav-aged nightly in the downtown area.

It was late, an hour before midnight, Pete was not looking for trash bins and garbage cans; he was prowling for a car. Any good late-model heap, preferably one of the popular makes and models.

He came out of the dark narrow alley and paused, peering at the half-dozen cars parked in the square lot between the buildings. There was one... a Ford.

To his right, at the side door of a slate gray building, was a dark Mustang. Searching the area with his eyes, Pete moved toward it, feeling in his jacket pocket for the hot wire.

A girl came into the dim yellow light of the side door and stopped to fish in her purse. Pete slid toward the wall. The girl was a knockout... he looked at her tits. Very damn nice. She was a honey-blonde, a red ribbon in her hair, pretty face, wearing one of the fashionable maxi coats, open from the neck. Under the coat she wore a mini; she had a pair of great legs... Jesus!

He licked his thin lips, watching her, grinning in the dark. A guy could get a hard-on just thinking about a dame like this one. She found what she was looking for and came through the heavy, swinging glass door. Her tits bounced when she walked. His pecker stiffened with each bounce of her luscious boobs.

She went right to the Mustang. Pete swept the area once more with his eyes. Nothing moved on the lot. The girl opened the car door and slid in - it seemed to him that she pulled him right to her like on an invisible wire. He was there and grabbed the door, keeping it from slamming shut...

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