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More Than Two Hearts

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"For God's Sakes, Harry, get away from that window. Haven't you ogled that woman next door enough for one day?" Marsha Burns scolded at her husband from across the room where she had the Sunday paper laid out on the floor. "Her husband's going to catch you eyeing her and be over here with a baseball bat in a few minutes."

"Man," he replied, turning toward his wife and smiling. "I'd give a whole month's pay to get closer to her. I haven't seen anything that beautiful since we had that trip to Europe three years ago."

He turned slowly from the window where he had been looking out over his new neighbors' backyard, paused for a moment and then stole another quick glance at the attractive blonde in the tight shorts pushing the lawn mower next door. He sighed heavily and walked across the room to where his wife was lying in her robe on the thick, soft rug.

Harry move towards his wife and sat beside her on the floor. "Well, it can´t hurt anyone looking at beauty can it?"

"Well, I'm glad it doesn't." Marsha Burns looked up at him from the floor. "If it did, you'd have been dead and gone a long time ago."

"Sweetpie, you´ve got the best guy in the world, right here, with you. I couldn't have held on to you for three minutes if I weren't the best. Now could I? Besides, you get your share from the club."

Harry reached down the length of her long, well-shaped legs to the back of her knees and playfully brought his hand up under her robe, pushing the hem abruptly up the backs of her thighs before she could resist...

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