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Laid in 50 Ways

174 pages2 hours


The rain which had begun as a gentle drizzle now roared on the convertible top of Emily's car. In fact, it fell so heavily that she was unable to see clearly through the windshield. Her wipers hurried back and forth, doing the best job they could under the circumstances, but they could not clear the glass effectively. To make her situation even more unpleasant, she noticed suddenly that the needle of her fuel gauge read well below the Empty point...

Suddenly I cam back to the present. I looked down at her face. My God, it was Carla. Carla! I opened my mouth to speak who-knows-what words of confusion and remorse. She placed a finger across my lips, and she breathed, "No, not a world. Don't speak, my friend, don't speak".


This book pushes the boundaries of eroticism on every page, it's a perfect read for fans of erotic literature, and imaginative couples.


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