For those who wish to be more advanced in learning English - spelling bee fans, native users of English and foreign students, this book is full cover to cover with words and sentences to help you study.  Also includes a 200,000 word thesaurus.



(adjective) uncalled for, unwarranted.
(Every morning the guy at the donut shop gives me a gratuitous helping of ketchup packets.)

(noun) the change of form, shape, substance.
(Michael went to the gym every day for a year and underwent a metamorphosis from a waif-like boy to an athletic man.)

(adjective) wordy, impaired by wordiness.
(It took the verbose teacher two hours to explain the topic, while it should have taken only fifteen minutes.)

(adjective) short-lived, fleeting.
(She promised she’d love me forever, but her “forever” was only ephemeral: she left me after one week.)

(noun) a visual signal.
(Tracey and Claire communicated with a semaphore involving candles and window shades.)

Topics: Grammar, Language, Informative, and Guides

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