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Sex Tutor

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Despite the liquor, which had made Susan tolerant, she was becoming distressed. She didn't care to be pawed in such a cheap fashion. She pushed Chester's arm away and wiggled out of his embrace, her skirt dropping.

"I'm really surprised at you, Mr. Malcolm," she said, straightening her hair and trying to appear dignified. Her tongue was a bit thick, and her cheeks wore a faint blush, which was attractive...

"Please!" the middle-aged man suddenly blurted. "Let me make love to you! It won't hurt you. In fact, I can make you like it. And it will give me such pleasure!"

Susan stared at him, and suddenly he appeared such a comical figure - with his pants-front protruding and a pitifully earnest expression on his flabby face - that she couldn't help laughing.

The laughter served as an emotional release for her, and it rolled out as she tilted her head back. Her breasts quivered in her snug sweater, since she hadn't bothered to put on a bra that night.

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