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Hot Knights

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"Not tonight, Layla," Tony sighed, moving away. "I had a bad day and I'm really tired. Goodnight, dear."

Layla was so mad she wanted to scream at her husband! She wanted to dig her fingernails into his useless, rubber-like... until he bled! It was the same damned thing night after night, month after month, year after year!

Within minutes, Tony was snoring. Layla adjusted her pillow and changed her positions in her search for sweet Morpheus. Her body burned with frustration and desire, but she forced herself not to think about her physical being. She turned again, desperately seeking sleep, but it continued to elude her.

Finally, Layla gave up and slipped out of bed. She thought about getting a robe out of the closet, but the house was warm and she didn't want to wake Tony. Somehow, walking naked through the house tonight seemed terribly inappropriate...

If you're a fan of erotic literature, and do not blush easily, then the content of this story will get your juices flowing...

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