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Despoiling the Duchess

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Rose thought marrying the elderly Duke would ensure her an easy life with few demands on her body - but she didn't know her new husband intended to have her serviced by his servants!

EXPLICIT: This erotic short story contains explicit heterosexual sex, two men taking their turn with a woman, and a lady's maid making her mistress ready.

"Now, I am not as young as I was. A healthy young lady such as yourself has her needs, and I will not be able to provide for them as often as a good husband should. And I myself need a little assistance, these days. But our marriage must be consummated."

"I don't... understand," Rose quavered, and Lord Gardiner nodded.

"You will do exactly as I tell you to, and do it with a cheerful wifely attitude. Then I will be very pleased with you, and perhaps you will have a nice new carriage to pay calls in, hm? I hear lining them with pink silk is the new fashion. I will like to dote on my wife, if she is a good girl who pleases me."

Her sister had been very clear; she was to do as her husband told her, and endure any discomfort or indignity in a manner befitting a lady of breeding. And she'd delicately hinted that at his age, he might require... assistance.

And she could just picture her sister's face when she drove up in a gleaming new carriage.

"Yes, my lord," she said.

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