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A Vampire to Marry

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Elliot found his fairy and the love of his immortal life. Tawny was everything he ever desired in a mate. Fairies were exquisite and she was no exception. Evil never stood a chance with him and now with his good and golden fairy, together they’d be invincible. Or so he thought.
His lovely sister was coming home with her mate for life, his best friend. Two white warriors, feeding off the blood of evil, another invincible pair. Or was there stronger evil lurking in the shadows.
Tawny was all a tither with making plans for her joining with Elliot. He sated every need, desire and fantasy she ever had. Sex, was Elliot’s middle name along with his talent, multiple orgasms. 
But their happiness is short lived for out of her past comes an enemy from childhood.  A dark Gothic fairy and her constituents are ready to pounce on the innocent. She tried to harm Tawny years before because her beauty was far too perfect.
Jealousy is an evil thing and it can fester for years. Tawny’s wedding is days away, will she ever see her dreams fulfilled? Will the marred beauty marry the vampire of her dreams?

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