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San Antonio Desire

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Cody never wanted to leave New York City behind; her but her parents divorcing left her no alternative. At twenty-two, she had yet to experience life and its true pleasures.

At thirty-three Chase Martin was a tall and handsome Texan and a true player. He never left his Stetson at any one woman’s bed for any period of time. And that was his intention upon meeting the very voluptuous and relatively innocent Cody Flannigan.

He seduces her, introduces her to every hidden pleasure known to a man and a woman then tries to walk away. But Cody’s like a drug, far more habit forming than he imagined. For the first time in his life Chase falls and hard, for the luscious brunette. 

Cody Flannigan falls in love, her love real and true. There will never be any hidden agendas with Cody, yet the one man she gives herself to may one day break her heart. Will Chase truly love her, desire her, and show her how a man truly loves a woman?

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