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Taken by the Highwayman: A Regency Erotica

22 pages18 minutes


When Maria's coach is accosted by highwaymen, she tries to be brave - but then one of them decides to make her his wife. She resists his advances at first, but is soon helpless before the lust of her own virginal body.

EXPLICIT: this short erotic story contains explict heterosexual sex and a highwayman seducing an innocent virgin.

"You can't marry me," Maria said. "I won't."

He stood up, and in two quick strides he was at Maria's side, his arm slipping round her slim waist. She recoiled, and when he tried to kiss her, she boxed his ears forcefully.

It did no good; he laughed, and caught her slim wrist in his big hand before ducking in to kiss her cheek, then her mouth, squeezing her so tight she could hardly breathe. His cheek was scratchy and his lips wet with apple juice; she squirmed desperately for freedom as he made free with her.

"You be a good girl, and I'll be good to you," he said. "I'll be a kind husband, don't you worry."

He lifted her as easily as a feather, and carried her into one of the rooms off the hallway. This one had a real bed in it, and she struggled hard at the sight of it; it was no good. She was flung down upon it, and he loomed over her, a great dark shadow.

"You're such a pretty little thing," he told her. "They thought I was a fool to pick you instead of the jewels, you know, but even without your dowry, you'd be a prize."

"There are plenty of girls as beautiful as me," she said, her voice shaking. He pulled his shirt over his head, and she averted her eyes from his bare, muscled chest. "And my father will give you enough money you can find one who'll gladly marry you, if you send me back to him. You don't even have to send for a ransom - take me home and I'll tell him you rescued me, and he'll reward you. Ten thousand pounds! Only think of it!"

"Oh, you're worth far more than that," he said, and kissed her again, holding her chin so she could not turn away. His lips were very firm; no other man had ever ventured to kiss her, and she wondered if they were all like this. He used his thumb to pull her lower lip down, and licked gently at it, a slick slide that made her insides squirm.

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