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The Alpha Hunt (Action Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance - Werewolf Alpha)

33 pages28 minutes


"Sometimes in life, we have to hunt before we become the hunted."

Nikola Sinclair just won an award for scientific work in the field of genetics and biochemistry, but the acknowledgment couldn't get rid of the emptiness he had felt ever since his partner died. Red wine did it better.

The secret service launched an investigation of unusual sexual attacks that happened in a forest near the secret government facility, and Nikola's work on protein traces found in the blood of rape victims was one of the reasons why Constantine, the handsome head of the investigation, called him to join their team. Besides being intrigued by the quest, he felt an instant affection for the secret agent.

The plan was to catch the rapist before he attacked again by sending an agent as bait. After several unsuccessful weeks, Nikola has a new idea about how to attract the rapist, and that same night he goes to hunt in the forest.
"The Alpha Hunt" is a 8000+ short story about a man who is not afraid to enter the darkness.

The story contains explicit gay sex between a intended for mature audiences only! 18+


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