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Lust in the Jungle: an Edwardian Erotica

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Helena is no shrinking miss - she regularly journeys through the jungles of Africa with her husband and brother. But when she's captured by a rival expedition, she'll have to use all her wits - and her luscious body - to escape.

EXPLICIT: This erotic short story contains explicit heterosexual sex and a woman taking two rough men in quick succession.

Excerpt:"Do you know when they intend to return me?" she said, biting at her lower lip. "This is - well, I don't like it, you know."

"They want your brother to give up some kind of claim to them," Johnny said vaguely. "I dunno. Nice lady like you shouldn't be out here in the first place, anyway, what do you expect?"

"I have to come," she said with her best effort at girlish petulance. "My husband pays me no attention, you see. I have to try and stay in his eyes... I'd pine away, all alone back in London, surrounded by women. I'm married! I have - well, a woman must do her marital duty." A pout, a toss of her head, and Johnny stared, licking his lips.

"He don't... give you what you need, then?" he said tentatively, and Helena ducked her head and shrugged one shoulder.

"Not as often as he should," she said crossly. "Too taken up with old pots and a mythical cities! Aren't I prettier than some queen who's been dead a thousand years?" She made play with her eyelashes, and he went pink.

"You are that," he said. "If you were my wife, I wouldn't spare a moment for any old pots."

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