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3 witches

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Tale of 3 Witches
Witches are delightful creatures. They love to congure up spells and curses. They’re also very mischievous and are very prolific.
My first tale is about a very voluptuous witch, with a basket strawberries, a few cans of whipped cream, a gorgeous warlock and a handsome werewolf. Now it’s what she’s got planned and whirling around in her sexy evil mind that we’re anxious to find out.
Next you’ll travel back in time and meet a lovely witch who happens upon a very amorous Genie. The time and place? Salem Massachusetts Sixteen-ninety-two, ring a bell? It takes three erotic muses to show them the way to the next time line.
Last, it’s Halloween and we meet out last witch. She’s is looking for a good time and has promised her Master to find and destroy a good soul. The tables are turned; she may be the one relinquishing her blackened soul this night. Will she fulfill her Master’s will?

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