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All the Guys in Me 1 (Group Action Bundle)

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A new college experience. What really happens at an erotic authors book club. A wife’s desperate attempt to make a bachelor party a success. A dark fantasy made real. Four stories where four young women get all the men they can handle, and sometimes a little more. When surrounded, what else can they do but succumb to their most base instincts and take on all comers? Find out how in this bundle of four banging stories sure to get your juices flowing.

This bundle contains the following stories:
- Change of Plans (in which I’m taken by a bunch of people)
- Taken by the Club
- The Best Man’s Wife (in which I’m taken by the bachelor and all his buddies)
- Taken by Strangers (in which the wrong people take care of the right needs)

These 30,000 words of pure debauchery are for adult audiences only and contain explicit sexual material. The stories include many-on-one action, bondage, hotwife, literary and college themes.

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