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Fire of the Alpha Spirit (Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance - Werewolf Alpha)

26 pages23 minutes


'Fire of the Alpha Spirit' is fast paced short story about a man, brave enough to ignite the fire of the spirit in order to conquer the darkness!

In a life threatening situation, a familiar voice appears in the mind of young man Damian Vang. The voice saves his life, but it also triggers memories of his traumatic childhood. The awakened emotions are not the only thing that bothers Damian, as he becomes the target of a criminal gang after being the only witness to a crime. 

After his adoptive mother Maria advises him to visit a person who can help him find peace in his restless mind, Damian finds out about his hidden wolf heritage, which in turn awakes a spurned fire inside of his soul.

This 6300+ word short action story contains wild, explicit sex and is intended for mature audiences only!

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