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Sugar Detox: Overcome Sugar Addiction With Simple Low Sugar Diet

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What is this white substance that is as addictive as cocaine yet not known to be illegal for consumption like the former?

I mean what is this sweet naturally sourced substance, supposedly “healthy” for consumption but yet has in it the potential to snuff life out of the consumers…I mean compulsive consumer though?

In fact, the substance sweet nature had so endeared itself to the sweet taste bud of many people, to the extent of endangering them at the same time!

That white substance, I mean this same substance we all love the taste though it may be harmful depending on what level and the rate of your consumption… is what we all have come to know and call Sugar today.

However, it will be an understatement to say that, food manufacturers pump excess sugar into an array of foods… yes, even the so called "health foods". The result of such is better imagined, because its end effect is a catastrophic health disaster.

Now, you may want to ask me, is sugar then toxic? The answer is clear…the added sugars are! And in this book you will be exposed to where this type of sneaky sugar hides, along with all the surprising sugar side effects.

And as a matter of fact, I will like to say you may actually be a victim, if you find some of the symptoms that we will discuss later in your life.

Now, if that is the case, then in this book also we will see how to fix that by subscribing to the dieting plan and detoxification strategies that will be proffered, which will reduce or even eliminate your sugar addiction!

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