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Wolf Psychiatrist (Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance - Werewolf Alpha)

25 pages22 minutes


'A steamy love story about a broken-hearted man and a psychiatrist with an unexpected cure.'

Paul Rheinlander's heart is broken after he found out that his fiancé was cheating on him, and besides sinking deeper into depression he is haunted by strange hallucinations. His friend Julia recommends him to a psychiatrist who can help him to find a way out. The only trouble is, he is new in town and strange rumors of him being a werewolf who sleeps with patients have followed him from his previous workplace.

After his first meeting with the handsome psychiatrist, he tells Julia that he is too attractive for him to continue with the therapy. Simply put, he wouldn't be able to work with someone who had become the object of her sexual desire.

He goes back for a second session to tell him that he has to cancel the therapy, but the handsome psychiatrist has different plans for him. He also experienced a strong lust for him, intuitively feeling that he might be 'the right one', and he decides to take a step towards making Pauline his mate. He is not ready for a new man, yet she is intrigued by his approach...

The 6100+ word story contains explicit sex with sexy alpha male werewolf, and is intended for mature audiences only! 18+

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