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The Stewardess and the Lonely Tribe Woman (lesbian paranormal erotic romance)

26 pages23 minutes


What happens when a curvy woman falls from 10,000 feet into a forest? She meets a lonely amazonian woman!

Curvy stewardess Jacqueline Lanier was doing another routine flight. She was smoking a cigarette in the toilet, using her refined yet simple system, when lightning struck the plane. By pure chance, she survived the plane crash, finding herself alone in the middle of the forest.

After seeking shelter in a nearby cave, she is saved from a wild animal attack by a beautiful woman. The mysterious woman heals her wounds, but she wants something more. As she was in the middle of her hunting ritual, she believes he might have found her perfect mate in Jacqueline…

This 6300+ word short action story contains wild, explicit sex between a lovely BBW and a sexy hero-woman, and is intended for mature audiences only!

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